How to make Smart Timber Choice For Your Project

The service provider and client relationship depends largely on the swift delivery of the project. Not only this; the quality of the project also influence how the client reacts afterwards. A project well done is always an assurance for future assignments from the same client and helps grow your business with time. However a poorly finished or time exceeding projects never help create a right image of your business in the market and can lead to losing of the client in hand, forget about any future work.

At the start of any project the most critical factors which determine its success are the quality and skills of the human resource working on it. Also, the raw materials used into it determine the quality of the finished work. This implies even in the projects associated with the usage of the wood.

Many professionals prefer using the wood in its original form but now a day there has been increasing liking for the treatment of these timbers with the chemicals for different purposes. Whatever the project or its purpose the quality of the raw material that is the wood used into it is of utmost importance as this determines the overall finish to the project.

This small compilation helps you to make a best thought decision on the choice of wood you can use for your project:

  1. Location of Your Project- The first thing that you should keep into your mind while deciding on the choice of the timber for your project should be the location of the project that is whether it is based outdoor or indoor. As the outdoor projects have greater exposure to sunlight, water and other natural damaging forces. This demands for timber quality to be highly durable and should have greater resistance to these external forces. On the other hand the indoor project involves protection from these external forces giving you the more options to choose from.
  1. Type of Project- Probably the most important criteria in the selection of the type of wood or timber depends on the type of the project you are working on. The projects like construction and architectural restoring require woods with high strength which can come from the hardwood tree. Some projects require soft wood due to their specific requirements. Even the shades of differ based on the types of timber wood. If the requirement is for flooring the wood type is different as compared to wood used in many furniture, windows and doors etc. Also, some projects require the wood to be treated with some chemicals as per the need.
  1. Requirement of Workability- The most critical point to be considered when making the choice of the timber is what you are trying to make from it. Teakwood, sal wood, mahogany wood and pinewood etc are used in India for the purpose of furniture building due to their higher strength, low weight and smooth finish. Teak wood is among the most favorite to be used for the purpose of building outdoor furniture.
  1. Cost of the Project- This is probably the most critical driving force into the purchase of the particular type of timber for the project as every project no matter how ambitious it may be depends mainly on the cost or the budget. Thus, where a higher budget gives you freedom to choose from a variety of options; the lower budget restricts your options and requires well thought decision on the timber type. But one should be vary of choosing the poor quality of the material due to low budget as it will create a negative image for your business.
  1. Right choice of the Timber Supplier- The reputation of the timber supplier and customer services offered by it should be taken into consideration before you make the final order. You must look into the logistics and time of delivery of your required materials on time as it is very crucial part of any project to finish it on time. Also, the uses of technology and warehouse facility are few things which ensure that you receive your order in time. A seasoned supplier knows and understands the requirement of the clients which guarantee quality product always.

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