Woods have always been one of the major constructional materials used during the initial construction work. Many beautiful and scenic architecture of the world comprise of the significant usage of woodwork. The best part of using woods in doing the interiors is that they can be given any shape of desire and also are easily painted to give an elegant looks.
Over the years, usages of woods and timbers have gone up due to their increased consumption in building, furniture and paper industry. Many environmentalists have also raised the concerns with the focus being reduction in the forest area all around the world at a very rapid rate. This is of grave worry as rate of regeneration of forests is very slow. Often the woods and timber industry has been made the major culprit of this reduction in forest cover.
Also, offices are the major consumers of the woods items ranging from small chairs to larger cabins. Along with offices, the restaurants or stores too, consumer large quantity of wood. Most of the people just throw the woods or sell them as the crap after some years when they have served their purpose.
But these wooden items can again be used to serve another purpose and that too with better application into enhancement of overall looks of the section or entire place. These are the reclaimed woods who have already served a specific purpose in their previous usage.
This reuse of the reclaimed timber not only protects the environment and forests but also over you a fantastic substance for workplace interiors and architectural designs. Here are few ways, how the reclaimed woods can be used to further augment the look of the offices:
1. Furniture Decor- The reclaimed woods offer a great versatility which can be used to make different styles for various business representations. These woods can be used to remodel the existing furniture and refurbish them using the mix of modern designs. Not only this reclaimed woods have enough strength which can be utilized to add needed support to any weak spot of the furniture and at the same time impart it a total new look which further enhances its look.

2. Interior design- Any company would be pleased to redesign its interior with minimum possible expenditure. Reclaimed woods offer best option of cheaper material which can be used to give a totally new look to the interior of the working area in the office. In fact wood offer the looks and feel very close to the nature which provide the mental peace even in the midst of work stress and responsibility. A calming interior offers rejuvenation among the employees and helps them perform to their best level at all the time.

3. Cabins Retouch- In a company; the executives and higher ranked management professionals have their own private cabins allotted to them. Cabins and partitions constitute the overall characteristic of the offices. Any damage due to dampening, caused by the moisture or breakage of the cabin structure reduce its appearance and puts down the impression of the company. Many important decisions are made sitting in these wooden spots of authority. Reclaimed wood can be used to replace the damaged portions without damaging the initial looks and can be used to enhance its look too. A small retouch here and there can do wonders to complete beauty of your office with the environment friendly method.

4. Modern Artifacts- From generations’ art sculptors made from different substances have been used to improve the attractiveness of the offices, homes and restaurants. Wooden artifacts have been the important constituents among the list of the different art pieces which add to the beauty of the site be it a small house or a large office area of the company. Reusing the reclaimed wood to carve out new artifacts improves the beauty without adding any extra cost into the expenditures of company.

5. Theme based recreation area- Due to ever increasing demand and stress in the company work scenario. Many companies have started to create special theme based recreation area within the premises for their employees to refresh themselves, this adds to the productivity of the employees and company overall. Reclaimed woods give options to dig deep into the creativity and produce the mind relaxing environment into the stressed conditions.

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