Wood and wood based products are an important part of our day to day life. In India, three main types of wood based panels viz., plywood including blackboards and flush doors, fiberboard and particleboards are manufactured.

Wood products include: cases, boxes, hard wood flooring, joinery, wood casks, treated rough wood, pre-fabricated wooden buildings, wood carvings, door frames and other niche items. Most wood in India is used for the manufacture of doors, window frames, wall panels, moldings and furniture. Domestic manufacturing is highly fragmented and unorganized with much of the production, particularly for doors, windows and interiors still done by individual carpenters on site.

The appreciation of the need for rational utilization of wood as a raw material has resulted in the increased consumption of these products everywhere.

We are ready with stock of block board frame, all types of carpentry n industrial made doors and flush door side frames in Pine, sprus, green or SEASONED, in all different sizes as require as well as customized options too.