Wood shavings are the waste obtained when wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Normally, shavings come from air-dried or kiln-dried wood, which then are manufactured into specific sizes according to different applications. Also, this kind of material does not have a fixed shape as it is curl peeling off the surface of the wood.

Wood shavings are chiefly used for bedding since they are soft, extraordinarily absorbent and economical.

  1. Pine wood shavings/ pine shavings have a many benefits, making them a superior choice in many cases to provide bedding for horses and cow.
  2. Pine shavings are made from 100% pine trees, resulting in their wonderfully aromatic smell. Additionally, they are antibacterial and have ammonia-reducing properties so that we can avoid respiratory conditions.
  3. In the other hand, a number of farmers have a tendency to use straw harvested after a cereal crops for horse/cow bedding, which is then found to be vulnerable to mold. In this case, pine shavings absolutely have advantage over straw, especially solve the respiratory problem.