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Made of rubberwood with special high-moisture resistant adhesive and wood fibers to render > 800 Kg/m3 density, HDF-HMR (V313) offers high durability that can bear three times higher weight and pressure than most MDF. The material is highly resistant to moisture, making it a suitable alternative for built-in kitchen furniture, flooring and doors.

Key Features

– Durable material provides intensive support against pressure.
– Sturdier structure than MDF.
– Refine & Smooth Surface
– Contains a moisture resistance rate greater than most MDF.
– Particularly designed for interior use including Built-in kitchen, Door skin, High pressure laminated flooring.

Why Green Dye?

The “green dye” is a globally recognized mark of identification and classification, incorporated into the core of the HMR Boards during production, to differentiate the product and ensure proper application and handling.

Passed V313 Test

Product Specifications:

Thickness 2.7mm
Sheet Size 2100mm * 2600 mm
Per Sheet Weight 12.60kg Approx
Per Sheet Sqft 58.78
Dimensions (L*W*H) 8.54 Ft * 6.91Ft * 2.83Ft
Weight 3358.8 kgs
No of Pieces 270
Sqft 15870.6 Sqft