Before explaining anything about HDHMR, one should know the true meaning of this word. HDHMR stands for High Density High Moisture Resistance. It is basically an upgraded term of plywood, used to develop tough and robust wooden usage. Explaining the definition, HDHMR board is made by combining fiber chips, forest wood waste through a homogeneously construction process. These fiber chips are pressed together to form a single layer, removing small wood content to form a robust higher density board. These boards are mainly used where moisture and mould wooden boards are required like kitchen shutters, packing industry furniture, outdoor fixture, etc.

HDHMR board has a multi-dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture, hence it provide higher moisture resistance compared to normal plywood. Where normal plywood catches moisture and there layers start to peel off, HDHMR board will not losses its strength.

Unlike block board, HDHMR boards are made with fiber chips and come with pre paint/polish surface. This feature helps them in veneer pasting along with smooth finish and glossy shine. The high gloss is again protested by water resistant feature.

Applications of HDHMR

– Kitchen Shutters
– Furniture where risk of moisture exist
– Door Shutters
– Ready-to-paint surfaces for constructions.
– Outdoor Fixtures like election cut-outs or similar applications.